Digital Industrial Radiology (DIR) at BAM Berlin

This site provides information on two achievements in DIR:

1. ISee! the radiographic image analysis programme

More info is available here.

2. TRAPPIST: Transfer, Processing and Interpretation of 3D NDT Data in a Standard Environment

Our first EU project TRAPPIST was launched in 1992 within the Third EU Framework Programme.

TRAPPIST aimed to synthesise NDT methods (Non Destructive Testing) in Europe to get a higher level of quality assurance and product reliability especially for fields where security is paramount. The main goal was the design of a distributed 3D NDT test system, connecting a group of important 3D NDT institutes and end-users in Europe using high speed test beds for the assessment of an optimum transmission rate for remote expertise scenarios covering several industrial application fields of NDT.

For achievements and general information on TRAPPIST, please visit the CORDIS website.

As one result of this EU project a new standardization project was started by an ad- hoc working group at CEN (TC138 AHG3). A document entitled "Generic NDE data format model" was created. It was published as CEN technical report CR 13935:2000 .

More current information on non-destructive testing with regard to materials research can be found on the homepage of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin.


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